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What is a Mural?

The word "mural" comes from the Latin muralis meaning "of or relating to a wall", from the root word mural in Latin meaning just "wall".

In English, the word mural means a painting permanently fixed to a wall - either painted directly onto the wall or painted first onto board or canvas and then fixed to the wall. I undertake all permutations of mural:

  • murals painted directly onto wall surfaces, generally using top quality acrylic paints that do not fade
  • murals painted onto canvas already stretched round a frame for you to put straight onto your wall (smaller murals only)
  • murals painted onto a roll or sheet of canvas for you to fix straight onto your wall, using glue (a similar process to hanging wallpaper) or fixing to battens.
  • murals painted onto board for screwing to a wall. I tend to use MDF board as it does not warp.
  • murals painted onto canvas and glued onto board.

When most people think of murals, they tend to think of trompe l'oeil* scenes depicting classical columns and Italian landscapes carried out in a hyper-realistic style with emphasis on perspective and visual tricks.

* trompe l'oeil means "to fool the eye".

But murals can be in any style, any size and have any theme, from contemporary murals to traditional murals. A large flower painted onto your chimney-breast as an eye-catching feature is just as much a mural as a full-scale trompe l'oeil mural. And so is an abstract painting in the style of, say, Mondrian, as below:

Mondrian style mural, contemporary murals, Alison Ludlow
Mural in the style of Mondrian

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