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Murals and Paintings -
How to buy and commission

Squirrel mural

Paintings to Buy

To buy any of the paintings on this site, please send me an email with the name of the painting you would
like to buy and I will then send you further details about the artwork and give you payment options.

Murals and Paintings to Commission

To commission a mural or painting, please email me with details of subject matter, size and location. I can travel to your location to paint the mural, or I can paint the mural on canvas for you to have fixed to your wall. See Wall Murals v Canvas Murals for more details on the pros and cons of having your mural painted onto your wall directly or onto canvas first.

Prices for murals depend upon size and detail, and start at around £1,000, except the Peppers Mural which starts from £395. As each mural is unique it is difficult to give guide prices, so email me with your ideas and I will give you an approximate price before firming up once we have discussed the brief in detail.

Even if you are not yet sure about having a mural or painting commissioned, email me with your questions and I will do my best to answer them. When emailing me, please tell me where you are located.

My contact details are as follows:

Alison Ludlow

Telephone: +44 (0)1633 677729

I am based in Newport, South Wales. Postal details supplied on request.

Unicorn mural, canvas mural


Murals and Paintings -
Any Style or Theme

My murals and paintings can be in any style or theme - don't think you have to have a traditional mural or painting if you want something more contemporary, or something to fit in with your new colour scheme, or even something to match your curtains!

Tell me what you want and I will create it for you.

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