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Murals and Trompe L'Oeil

Murals, or wall murals, or wall paintings, are paintings painted directly onto walls or onto another surface which is then fixed to the wall. See What is a mural? for more information about murals.

My Approach as a Mural Artist

I take the approach that murals must combine the subject matter specified by the client with enough visual interest to survive repeated viewings as people use the room the mural is in. This requires murals to have a strong theme to make an immediate impact, and often requires highly detailed painting together with sweeping perspectives and the introduction of lighter touches in places.

As you will see below, I paint murals in almost any style, depending on what the client requires, and themes vary from landscapes to graffiti and abstract art.

Please contact me if you would like to commission a mural yourself. When emailing me, please tell me where you are, approximate dimensions and the subject you have in mind.

Murals are priced according to the length of time they take to complete (a combination of size, complexity and location). See How to Commission a Mural for more information.

Your mural can be painted straight onto the wall or onto a canvas in my studio and then fixed to the wall. For more information on canvas and wall murals, click here.

Click on the thumbnail pictures or on the text immedately below each picture of a mural to see large versions of the same mural and a series of large close-ups, and click on the large pictures to come back here.


Orangutan Sign Mural

Orangutan Sign at Jungle Rumble, Cabot Circus, Bristol

Peppers Mural

A mural of peppers will to brighten up any kitchen wall. If you would like one like this, it will be supplied on canvas to paste onto your wall at any size up to 3m wide, prices from £195.

Jungle Rumble Monkeys Mural, Bristol

One of a series of jungle murals at the Jungle Rumble, Cabot Circus, Bristol
Jungle mural, jumble rumble, bristol
Jungle Rumble Tiger Mural, Bristol

Another of the jungle murals at the Jungle Rumble, Cabot Circus, Bristol

Mural, Twm Barlwm, Cwmbran, Abergavenny in St Woolos Newport
Landscape 1

This photograph and the one below show two views of a mural at St Woolos Cemetery, in Newport. This wall of the mural shows Twm Barlwm, Cwmbran and Abergavenny.
32 feet x 9 feet

Mural, Bristol, Avon, Somerset wall painting at St Woolos, Newport
Landscape 2

The landscape mural covers all the walls of the Reception area plus the door, and depicts the view from the top of Ridgeway in Newport. This wall of the mural looks South, to St Woolos Cemetery and on to the Bristol Channel and England on the far side of the channel

horse, unicorn
Unicorn Detail

Detail of a mural of a unicorn at a private house near Newport, South Wales
5 x 8 feet

Children's Bedroom with Horses

Mural at a private house near Newport, South Wales, including a series of items specified by the child, such as a fantasy castle and horses
12 x 8 feet

tropical island
Tropical Wall Painting

Part of a mural in a private house in Magor, near Newport, South Wales, depicting a tropical scene
13 feet x 8 feet

graffiti wales

Graffiti "mural" in a child's room ("Scott") in a private house near Newport, South Wales
5 feet x 3 feet

land of sweets, hereford, england
Children's Mural - with sweets

"Land of Sweets" mural near Hereford
in Herefordshire, England
14 x 9 feet

cafe, Spain landscape
Wall Painting Around Fireplace

Mural in Abelito's Delicatessen and Cafe Bar, Abergavenny in Monmouthshire, South Wales
9 x 9 feet

jungle painting
Jungle Mural

One wall of a jungle mural at a private house near Newport, South Wales
14 x 8 feet

School, wall painting, Newport, Wales, UK
School Wall Painting

Mural of Newport scenes at a school, Newport, South Wales
8 x 4 feet

acf, army cadets, raglan barracks, newport
Army Cadets Scene

Mural of ACF cadets in Raglan Barracks, Newport, South Wales
28 x 9 feet

acf, army cadet, raglan barracks, colonel mead
Detail of Army Cadets Scene

Detail of the Army Cadets mural, click link to see page of detail images

school, children's wall painting, trompe l'oeil
School Series

One of a series of six murals at Rogiet Primary School, between Newport and Chepstow, Gwent. Various sizes

Mondrian style mural, Alison Ludlow

Mural in the Style of Mondrian

A mural loosely based on Mondrian's work
6 feet by 4 feet

School wall painting
Three School Wall Paintings

One of 3 murals at a school, Newport, South Wales. Linked to Key Stage study materials
Each one about 10 feet wide

trompe l'oeil  detail
Classical Column Trompe l''oeil Preparation

Preparatory painting of classical-style stonework for trompe l'oeil mural
30" x 20" Acrylic on canvas

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