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Mural of a Tropical Scene

This mural is in the bedroom of a private house in Magor, near Newport, South Wales.

The mural shows a tropical scene, with an island, palm trees, and a beach.

It was commissioned by a couple who got married in the Caribbean and wanted something to remind them of their time there. It is painted to give the best view from the bed, so they wake up to a tropical scene every morning!

It was painted in the Summer of 2008, and measures approximately 13 feet by 8 feet.

tropical mural, painting, newport, south wales, caribbean

Picture showing most of the mural, staight-on from the bed.

caribbean wall painting, newport, south wales

A view of the mural from an angle, capturing the whole mural

caribbean, newport, South Wales

The left section of the mural, showing the door slightly open

wall painting, newport, south wales

The right section of the mural


sea shells, newport, wales

Close-up of the shells in the right section of the mural

island painting

Detail of the mural showing the tropical island

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