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Mural of Newport

The mural consists of a picture of the school and various notable and historic sites around Newport. From top left: Newport Castle, "the pig", St Woolos Cathedral, depiction of a mediaeval ship found at Newport, Durham Road children on the 100th anniversary of the opening of the school, the Civic Centre, a steam engine, the Transporter Bridge and the John Frost Square clock.


This mural is painted on board and then fixed to the wall. It was done like this because the school is due to be demolished and the school wished to take the mural with them. If you would like a mural like this, please contact me. Murals painted on board (or canvas) make it much easier to provide murals at a distance.

Mural, school, Newport scenes

The complete mural - showing Durham Road Junior School in Newport in the centre and various scenes of Newport depicted round the edges familiar to the children, including the Newport medieval ship, the clock in John Frost Square originally from the Ebbw Vale Garden Festival and Newport Castle

mural, steam engine, Newport, South Wales

Detail of Durham Road second mural, showing steam engine and waggon by the River Usk, commemorating Newport's heritage as a port primarily for the export of coal from the South Wales valleys.

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