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Murals of South Wales from Newport

This wall mural was commissioned by Newport City Council in the Summer of 2008 for the Reception area at Newport's main cemetery - St Woolos Cemetery. The brief was to paint a mural that was related to Newport and the cemetery, and was also tranquil in mood.

The mural is painted on all of the vertical surfaces of the room. The room has five or six walls, one window, one hatch, one open doorway and one door, and so the commission proved quite a challenge. I decided to take as my starting point the view from Ridgeway in Newport, about half a mile from the cemetery, and one of Newport's highest points.

I tried to depict a 360 degree view from Ridgeway, but had to modify the view quite a bit both to fit it onto the spaces available in the room and to increase the tranquil mood of the mural, but the view is still immediately recognisable to most Newportonians.

The mural benefited from suggestions by cemetery staff and visitors, hence the squirrels, dog and other things you will find in it.

St Woolos cemetery is one of the oldest municipal cemeteries in the UK, and has quite a few well-known people buried there. Its other claim to fame is that Joe Strummer, of The Clash, once worked there as a gravedigger.

The mural is around 32 feet in length and about 9 feet high, and took me a month to complete.

The Reception area is open to the public, so you can go along and see it during normal working hours (9.00-13.00 and 14.00 to 16.30 Monday to Thursday, and until 16.00 on Fridays).

Mural of Cwmbran, Abergavenny

This part of the mural shows a view from Ridgeway looking North towards Twm Barlwm, Cwmbran and Abergavenny

Newport, Ridgeway, Bristol Avon Somerset

This part of the mural shows a view from Ridgeway looking South to St Woolos cemetery in the middle ground (look for the conical roof of one of the churches in the grounds), the Bristol Channel and England down to Weston-Super-Mare in the distance


Wall painting, St Woolos Ridgeway Newport

This part of the mural shows the view from Ridgeway looking East; quite a bit of artistic licence in this area of the mural, owing to the constraints of the space available

wall painting, squirrel, Ridgeway ,St Woolos, Newport

Mural detail: a close-up of the squirrel to be seen in the picture on the left (just to the right of the door handle)

Wall paintingdog, man, Bristol, St Woolos, cemetery, Newport,

Another view of the mural looking South, as it goes round onto another wall. The dog belongs to a stonemason who regularly visits the cemetery. See close-up below.

mural, muralist, cemetery, newport, st woolos, artist, dog

Mural Detail: small dog

Twm Barlwm, Cwmbran, Abergavenny, squirrel, Newport

Mural detail: squirrel and signpost in the part of the mural looking towards Twm Barlwm

Newport, Gwent, Abergavenny, Cwmbran

Another view of the mural, showing the door on the left all the way round to the window on the right

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