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Mural of a Land of Sweets

This mural was painted in a house near Hereford . The mural is in the bedroom of two young girls; they wished to brighten up their room in a new house, and came up with the idea of a land of sweets - where nearly everything in the landscape would be made of sweets, from candyfloss clouds, to gingerbread men, to ice cream trees and a house made of sweets.

And then finished off with three fairies in the foreground of the mural, because no little girls' bedroom is complete without fairies.

The mural had to be completed in one week from agreement of the brief to finishing the mural, before the family moved in to their new house. Everything was painted freehand and, apart from sketching in the main items in pencil, were painted directly onto the wall as I went along. This commission involved the purchase and consumption of large quantities of sweets!

The mural was painted in acrylics and emulsion and measures about 14 feet wide (including the tree on the adjacent wall) by 9 feet high.

Mural, Hereford, England, land of sweets

A view showing the whole mural going across two walls

mural , Hereford, gingerbread men, ice cream, lollipop, smarties, jelly beans, liquorice allsorts, fairies

A better picture of the main wall of the mural

wall painting, fairy, lollipop, Hereford

Detail of the mural showing one of the three fairies. This one is standing on a lollipop

gingerbread man in wall paintingrd, England

Detail of the mural, showing one of the gingerbread men with melted chocolate and jelly beans by his feet


land of sweets wall painting, house sweets. ice cream trees

Detail of the mural showing ice cream trees and a house made of sweets

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