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Mural showing jungle animals

This mural was painted in a house near Newport. It is in a boy's bedroom and he requested a jungle scene with fierce-looking animals. The mural covers one complete wall, plus a snake on a branch on the opposite wall, above the boy's bed!

The animals are gridded up from photographs, but the rest of the mural was drawn freehand using a variety of photographic material as starting points.

Jungle mural

Unfortunately, this picture has part of the mural obscured by a desk and TV, but it does give a better view of the mural than the picture below in other respects (note that the wall steps back about 9 inches one quarter of the way from the right edge)

Jungle mural, gorilla, elephant, lion, tiger, crocodile

Complete mural (note that the the centre of the photograph and the left bottom/centre of the photograph is over-exposed owing to difficult lighting conditions in the room)


Mural detail of elephant

Jungle, tiger

Mural detail of tiger



Mural detail of gorilla


crocodile wall painting

Mural detail of crocodile


Lion wall painting

Mural detail of lion


snake wall painting

The snake is on a different wall to the main mural

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