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Mural of horses and fairy-tale castle

This mural was painted in a house near Newport. It is in a girl's bedroom and she requested horses, a fairy tale castle, fairies and a unicorn seen through an arch of flowers.

The horse mural and the mural under the window are shown on this page, the unicorn mural and fairles are shown on the next page.

The gap in the corner is where the child's bed goes, so was left blank.

horse, castle mural, Wales, UK

Complete mural
The corner has been left blank as this is where the bed goes.

horse, foal mural, Wales, UK

Detail of horse mural showing a mother and foal


horse mural detail showing horse rearing up, in Wales, UK

Mural detail showing horse rearing up

horse mural showing fantasy castle in Wales, UK

Mural detail showing fantasy castle

hare mural, Wales, UK

Mural detail showing hare in foreground


wall painting, mouse , butterfies

Window wall mural


mouse and toadstool wall painting

Window wall mural detail of mouse and toadstools

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