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You Choose: A Mural Painted Straight Onto Your Wall or Painted onto Canvas

I can paint your mural straight onto your wall, or alternatively I can paint the mural onto canvas for fixing onto your wall when finished.

The advantages of painting murals on canvas are:

  • travel and accomodation costs are kept low;
  • I don't need daily access to your premises while painting the mural on canvas;
  • Wall preparation is not quite so critical: minor surface imperfections are hidden by the canvas; and
  • if you use the right method of fixing (a batten frame or peelable wallpaper glue) you can take the canvas mural off the wall and put it in a different location (perhaps when you move).

Gluing the canvas to the wall is very similar to wallpapering, and so you could tackle it yourself or get a local painter and decorator to do it for you.

I use a polyester canvas specifically intended for wall murals; it does not stretch or sag and is impervious to damp, and so is very long-lasting. I also use high quality acrylic paints for murals that do not crack or peel during handling.

Mural detail of house, landscape murals
Close-up picture of a house in the mural at St Woolos cemetery.

The canvas is available in widths of up to 10'6" (3.2m) and so is suitable for almost any mural project.

Please contact me for more information on murals painted on either walls or canvas.

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