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Alison Ludlow - Muralist and Artist

My name is Alison Ludlow. I have a BA Hons from Newport Art College, in South Wales, and have painted murals and smaller paintings more or less continuously since qualifying.

Murals for Businesses, Schools and Private clients

I paint murals for schools, businesses and private individuals. I have built up a lot of experience of painting all types of mural and particularly enjoy trompe l'oeil where required. I generally paint the murals straight onto walls, but also paint them onto board or canvas. Board or canvas fixed to a wall are good options if you wish to be able to move the mural at a later date, or if it is not feasible for me to carry out the work on site. Have a look at my Murals page for some examples.

Commissioned Paintings on Canvas

I paint a lot of paintings on canvas, mainly commissions. These are painted in oils or acrylics depending on the work and the wishes of the client. Have a look at my Paintings page for some examples.

Life Drawings

Life drawing is the foundation of my work as a muralist and painter, and some examples of my life drawings can be found here. I also teach life drawing for Newport City Council part-time.

dog mural. muralist, artist, newport, Wales, England, cemetery

artist next to trompe l'oeil mural

If you are interested in discussing a commission for a mural or painting, or would like to buy a life drawing or painting on this site, please email me using the link at the bottom of the page or go to the Murals and Paintings Buy and Commission page for further information.

mural, muralist, artist, newport, abergavenny, wales

Top: Detail of a mural for a children's bedroom in a private house

Above: Completing a mural in Abelito's Cafe, Abergavenny

Left: Detail of a dog in the mural at the St Woolos Cemetery Office reception area, Newport

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